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About Me

Learn all about the mission and vision of Qui Monroe

Meet Qui Monroe

Qui Monroe is a licensed hair stylist with passion and flair, a lover of everything beauty, style, and fashion. For years Qui dabbled in the world of hair and high-end fashion, beginning with studies in cosmetology, and experience in fashion boutiques. After years of working behind a desk in the corporate world, Qui became bored with the monotony and lack of creativity in her life, deciding once and for all to go after her true passion. Beauty never left her side throughout her years in corporate, and now she has turned her once hobby into a fully-fledged beauty career. 


Passion for quality

I share a passionate commitment around a common purpose – quality in the form of appropriate beauty and fashion styling. My passion for quality drives my creativity, attention to detail, and gives me ownership as well as originality of my products and services.

I am so much concerned with the quality of my final product rather than quantity and while I also want to make profit, it is not profit that drives me but rather a strong passion to provide people with the most enjoyable styling and shopping experience. Also, I want to introduce clients to new and exclusive services that suit the needs and lifestyle of my clients at affordable prices that will encourage my clients to return to me.

I want to generate buzz and sales through exclusive services and products for the right reasons; with a high level of quality being the foremost in my mind. As a result, I will be providing the following services:

  • Hair designing and styling (in all aspects)
  • Style assessments
  • Style development
  • Special order of goods and services
  • High end fashion products
  • Custom services offered
  • Educate clients on healthy hair care maintenance and education which teaches clients the style that goes best with their lifestyle and personality.

Customer focus.

I make the effort to understand and satisfy the needs of my clients. I do not just roll out products or services because of the profit to be made, but I ensure there is a connection between me and my prospective clients so that I can adequately respond to what they need. I also ensure that there is a feedback mechanism in place in order to ascertain what customers think of my products or services which then allows me to make any necessary adjustments so that our quality keeps improving as well as a better relationship with my customers. Therefore, communication, response, and follow-through mark the service to my clients.

Our vision

It is said that when the purpose of a thing is not known, then abuse is inevitable. As a result, my mission has led me to set goals which are as follows:

  • To be the foremost hair designer in the beauty world providing topmost services.
  • To ensure that people are equipped with the best styling tips so that they can showcase their crown in styles that suits their personality.
  • To grant people the necessary confidence they need from their hair.
  • To give people different options and varieties when it comes to styling to suit their needs.